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YPhone:The Solution to Parenting Issues:



YPhone is the latest addition to a kid’s world of enjoyment. It is a toy with unique smartphone features that are growing the craze among kids. However, it is not an actual smartphone, so parents feel secure in gifting it to their kids.

Kids and Smart Phone:

The use of smartphones by parents causes an obsession in children who want a similar device to play and show off. However, letting children use smartphones is not safe. The internet is full of objectionable and adult content, and access to this content can damage the smooth pace of kids’ physical and mental growth.

Moreover, prolonged stay before small-sized screens has caused numerous eye diseases. Eye cancer has rapidly spread among children after smartphones enter everyday life.

Ease for Parents:

Keeping kids away from smartphones has become a challenge for parents. They must involve themselves in different activities to regulate their screen time. Bringing innovation to kids’ activities is again challenging as they will not take an interest in new activities and love to explore new things. If parents are doing jobs, the excellent level of attention to keep the kids away from gadgets is almost impossible.

The YPhone’s usability:

YPhone is a perfect choice for parents. It has all that a child can expect from a smartphone and doesn’t hold the features about which parents feel insecure. For kids, it has a satisfying potential like an actual smartphone. Parents can hand it over to kids without feeling any insecurity.

Features of YPhone:

Front Side:

YPhone has an attractive look like a real smartphone. It has a screen and buttons similar to the latest models. To attract little toddlers, different models have cartoon characters on their front or back. The quality of the material is acceptable and doesn’t feel apart from actual smartphone covers.


Pressing the buttons (three or more) gives different commands to the “brain” of the toddler phone. For example, pressing buttons change colors, modes, and light intensity.


The YPhone comes equipped with kids’ favorite songs and music. Children love to listen to music, and their enthusiasm is at its peak when there is a wide variety of music. Yes, YPhone offers a wide variety of music, and children can switch to whichever they like.   


Lights are the main reason behind keeping people in front of the screen. Also, the phone has glowing surfaces and emits beautiful light to fascinate children. In addition, many models emit multicolored light and all sides of the phone glow.

The camera of the YPhone:

A similar lens on the back of the phone makes sure to kids that it is a working camera. In addition, it enhances its similarity with the actual phone.

YPhone’s Biggest Advantage:

A child’s interaction with the screen causes changes in the brain too fast. Studies show that a child’s exposure to touch screens enhances their motor skill learning. Parents would like to keep their children away from smartphones, but now they don’t need to worry about the fast development of motor skills. Touching, pressing and scrolling are their fine motor skills.

 Size of YPhone:

YPhone is a simple toy phone with dimensions 12.5cm* (Length by width by thickness, in centimeters). Kids can carry it easily. It weighs only 90 grams and feels very light in kids’ hands.

The accessories with YPhone:

The YPhone comes with a micro USB charger that can charge within 20 minutes. The charger is also colorful and eye-catching. A power switch and an insulation sheet are also included in YPhone’s packing.

Striking Modes:

Children get bored watching the same content on screen. But now, YPhone has overcome this difficulty too. Furthermore, Different models of the YPhone present a variety of modes. It commonly comes with the following modes.

YPhone is made up of soft plastic. It is safe to use by kids; however, it provides them a visual stimulation with lights. In addition, it is suitable for children whose ages are between 2-7.

Most importantly, it works as a tool to enhance kids’ imagination and verbal skills. Children usually learn more when they are happily playing with such toys.

Advantages of YPhone:

It is possible to mute the phone. You can switch sounds off by pressing one button if sounds feel annoying.

 Another significant advantage of the YPhone is its durability. Toy phones are usually rough-surfaced with low-powered machinery. Nevertheless, children find it attractive, and it can bear some jerks and strikes.

It is a nice gift for your kid on their birthday. Similarity with smartphones is the cause that kids like to have them.

Price of YPhone:

Many companies produce the YPhone, which can order from any e-commerce store. But, unfortunately, the price is nearly 10 dollars.

Saves your expensive phones:

Smartphones are expensive. Giving smartphones to children is a waste of money. When you gift your child a phone, you are saving your phone. It can bear pressing, turning, and strikes. You can also put different stickers on it or a cover to make it more attractive.


The older and most recent researches never support the excessive use of smartphones by growing kids. Although physicians even recommend no exposure to the screen till the age of seven, it is a great challenge for parents to keep smartphones or other gadgets away from kids in the age of ever re-shaping technology. The Entry of the YPhone into the toy world has subsequently managed the issue to a great extent.

YPhone is only a toy phone with an attractive structure and unique features. Moreover, it allows kids to enjoy music, games, lights, songs, intelligent games, and many more. However, unlike real smartphones, it has no access to the internet and adult content.

It is an excellent tool to keep kids engaged when parents are away. This way, kids will not look around for other activities and will stay away from damage. Another significant advantage is its durability. It can bear jerks and strikes and can still work efficiently.

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