Xavier Musk (Elon Musk’s son)

Xavier Musk is an American famed youngster and also called the child of extremely rich person Elon Musk. Musk, the 50-year-old CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is the world’s most rich person. Xavier Musk conceived an organic man with twin sibling Griffin in 2004 to guardians Elon Musk and his previous wife, Canadian creator Justine Wilson. The child of extremely rich person Tesla organizer Elon Musk is hoping to change her name to move away from her dad.

Xavier Musk Bio

He was brought into the world in 2004 to the Elon musk family. He is 17 years of age in 2021 and his sibling’s name is Nevada Alexander Musk who is Elon Musk was the primary oldest child and he was brought into the world in America. His mom is a famous Canadian writer. Her mom brought forth two additional kids through IVF.

The youngest of the two is named Xavier Elon Musk. Xavier Musk has four different siblings, one of them is his stepbrother and the names are Griffin, Damian, Saxon, and Kai. Xavier Musk has a wedd status, is unmarried, and his relationship status is single.

Xavier Musk Career

Xavier Musk is well known because of his dad Elon Musk. he is a child. Moreover, he is not focusing on his career. He is focusing on just his studies. he can carry on with work in his dad’s company. He wants his life far from people.

Why did Xavier Musk change his name?

The 18-year-old has requested to be perceived as female and have the name, Vivian Jenna Wilson. She was known as Xavier Alexander Musk. Elon Musk’s girl has applied to change her name and gender. Xavier Alexander Musk has professed recorded files in Los Angeles Country after turning 18 in April. She has mentioned the court changed her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson and asked the LA Country court to perceive her orientation as female.

World’s most excessive man Elon Musk’s little girl – who was conceived as a kid named Xavier – is looking to change her name to mirror her orientation ID. She needs to cut all binds with her organic dad. She said she needs to be perceived as female, the name change isn’t just about her progressing, there is a break with dear old Dad, as per a report.

He requested a name change. Further, he wants a new birth certificate reflecting his new gender identity. He wishes to drop his dad’s popular last name. he embraces his mom’s last name

Important Facts about Xavier Musk

Xavier Elon Musk was conceived using IVF.

He has four siblings.

His mom is a Canadian writer.

He isn’t authoritatively dynamic on any social media.

His Father Elon Musk has 64.4 million supporters on Twitter.

Xavier Musk Lifestyle

He at the age of 17, was brought into the world on April 15, 2004. This VIP kid was brought into the world in the United States. Aries is his sun sign. Xavier and Griffin, the twin young men were conceived through IVF. Xavier went to center school and is currently a secondary school understudy at a school built by his dad, as per the sources. His parents got separated in September.


Xavier Musk is an American acclaimed kid. He knowns as the child of extremely rich person Elon Musk. He is an industry mogul, modern planner, and specialist. He is the organizer, CEO, and CTO. He is the boss and creator of SpaceX; early financial backer, CEO, and item draftsman of Tesla, Inc. Musk is perhaps the richest person in the world.

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