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What Makes PCNOK A Great Addition?


PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma) is a network of nineteen healthcare units in Oklahoma that serves the people of 77 counties of Oklahoma. It was founded in 2014 and shows innovation in health management. The organization is headquartered in the United States and is among the largest healthcare systems in Oklahoma.  

The primary purpose of PCNOK is the improvement of the health of individuals with less expenditure and better health care at the doorstep.

The Purpose of PCNOK:

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma aims to provide management solutions with an innovative approach. It offers top-notch care for people that become part of its network. In addition, it believes in improving health quality by upgrading the healthcare field through reforms.  

Moreover, another belief behind the foundation of this organization is to provide health facilities at a reasonable cost. It believes in easy access to healthcare for all.

What is distinctive in PCNOK :

Many innovations in healthcare make PCNOK distinctively better because these have contributed to its recognition as the best place for patient care and as an assistant in improving public health. 

Remote Care of Patients:

PCNOK provides technology solutions in patient care that support remote care of patients. As a result, patients can get good care even at a distance from the hospital.  

Treatment of Chronic Illnesses:

People who suffer from an extreme chronic illness get good care with the use of the latest technologies in medicine and medical sciences. Likewise, patients who need long-term care get the proper attention of physicians.

Keeping the Record of Patients :

PCNOK uses advanced methods to track patients’ health status. It is a complete caretaking system for health that supports life.

Saving Lives:

PCNOK keeps the patient’s health in focus till complete recovery. Therefore, it helps them solve their issues while under treatment and saves their lives they face critical situations.

Taking care of the Patient’s Family:

If a patient’s family or close relatives face health issues, then PCNOK offers to take total responsibility for their care and cure. People feel secure for their families when they realize they are under proper care and supervision.  

The environment at PCNOK :

PCNOK provides a healthy environment to workers and assures their care of their health and lives.

Primary Care:

PCNOK is working to provide compulsory medical facilities with health management solutions in both rural and urban areas. It offers ample facilities in mental health, eye care, and dentistry. Moreover, it operates health centers at 125 sites, providing testing facilities, medicines, and nutrition. They take care of the health of patients of each category, including children, pregnant ladies, and older adults. 

Advanced Care:

Besides using innovative techniques, PCNOK provides advanced options in patient care. For example, it provides mental health facilities, telemedicine, remote maintenance, health coaches, and many other conveniences. These facilities improve health quality in every area.


PCNOK is equally accessible to all people. Patients who are getting private care are also in the observation of PCNOK. It offers discounts to people who pay through cash. When the data of patients enter into the record, the income and condition of the patient are observed. The organization provides discounts to those who deserve them.

PCNOK Changing Lives of People:

PCNOK serves the people in 77 counties and outside it. In addition, it provides health solutions to as many people as possible. As a result, it has changed the level of health facilities in people’s lives.


PCNOK is not only a network; it is an emerging organization. It combines social determinants of health and utilizes their impact on joint health. Certainly, it is advancing in the field of healthcare with innovation.

Finance of PCNOK:

PCNOK is generating revenue through its hospitals, clinics, and medical staff, which is about $ 1.1 million. The organization’s growth is slower than others, with only 25 employees. Astonishingly, this organization is performing rare quality work with significantly fewer employees.

Quick Facilitation:

PCNOK has managed quick delivery of medical facilities. In this way, it has certainly reduced the load of emergency trauma centers. In addition, it provides access to specialists to everyone.

Members of PCNOK:

As mentioned above, PCNOK is a network of 19 healthcare units working to improve health quality in 77 counties. The names of the units are listed below:

Community Health Connection Inc.

Family Medical Center, Oklahoma.

Community Health Centers Inc.

Panhandle Health and Counseling Center.

Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Inc.

Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center Inc.

Health centers of Arkansas Verdigris Valley.

Shortgrass Community Health Center Inc.

Family Health Center East Central Oklahoma.

Pushmataha Family Medical Center.

Great Salt Plains Health Center.

Stigler Wellness and Health Center.

Morton Comprehensive Health Service Inc.

Kiamichi Family Medical Center. Lawton Community Health Center.

SCMRC-South Central Medical and Resource Center

Good Shepherd Community Clinic

Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center

 CTI-Center for Therapeutic Interventions

Members of PCNOK believe in the supply of quick services and utmost conveniences for the people in the counties of Oklahoma and the areas around it. Therefore, they are collectively active forces, and efficient medical facilities supply separately.

The members of PCNOK search for innovative solutions. Their individual and joint efforts have certainly made innovation a hallmark of PCNOK.

The people, who deserve better care while staying busy in their routines, don’t need to worry about their health when they register at PCNOK. It guarantees to keep their records and take good care when required.

Bottom Line:

The most distinctive aspect of PCNOK is the innovation it is prioritizing. It works on easy access, extends the dimensions of services, and introduces new ways to improve public health. Moreover, the network is taking into consideration the determinants of health and their role in the improvement of health quality. It is making well-organized efforts to provide health facilities to ordinary people. In addition, the discounts are part of its plan to make access easy for needy and deserving people. 

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