What is iFun TV? All You Need To Know

iFun TV is an application and website that allows users in China to watch an enormous variety of programs like films, sports, news, music, documentaries, anime, and many more. With this stuff, it is presenting ibomma films that other countries produce.

iFun TV is a vast collection of channels. It affiliates with its many channels, some of which are purely film channels, some present sports, some are sports or news channels, and so on. For users, there is a great choice. Even if you are fond of watching movies, there are over 1000 channels. You can choose any of them.

What does iFun provide the user?

iFun TV is an excellent opportunity for those who want to avoid the hassle of going anywhere to watch movies or are not interested in the big screen. It allows you to watch a variety of stuff and takes you into the depth of fascinating Chinese culture. You can observe and understand this colourful ethnicity easily.

English Subtitle:

All the stuff that iFun TV presents in Chinese appears with English subtitles. This channel has increased the number of users of iFun TV, and it is an excellent source of convenience who love to watch Chinese movies and documentaries but can’t understand the language.

Advantages of iFun TV:

iFun TV is simple to use and has significant benefits for users.

  •     Easy to navigate
  •     Downloading of iFun TV application is a trouble-free process
  •     Subtitles appear in the English language
  •     Multiple choices for one category are available.
  •     iFun TV requires no additional or hidden charges.
  •     It keeps the stuff updated, and you access the current data.
  •     You can use it on personal computers and tablets.
  •     The iFun TV application is both available for Android and iPhone.

How to navigate through the iFun website:

Using the iFun TV website is hassle-free. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can watch any program from the website. The following simple steps will let you use the iFun TV through the web.

1.  Open your web browser and search for iFun TV’s official website.

2.  As the homepage appears, you will the list of trending movies.

3.  The search option is available on top of the page. You can type the name of the movie you want to watch in the search bar.

4.  There is another search bar available on the home page. You can use it in case you are not clear about watching a specific movie, but type of the movie, e.g action movie.

5.  All the collections of action movies will appear. You can select from them.

6.  When the new tab for the movie appears, click on play to watch the movie.  

Requirements to get handy with iFun TV:

It would help if you satisfied some pre-requirements of iFun TV.

  •     You will need the version Android 4.03.
  •     If you are using it, ensure you have a higher than 5ARM processor.

Conveniences of using the iFun TV:

Many features make iFun TV easy to use for viewers. It is easy to search for your desired content, as there is an immense diversity of channels. If you need to save something to watch later, you can use bookmarks available in the application. It has a significant advantage for you to navigate between the categories. If you are interested in watching music programs, you must navigate only music channels. In the same way, for news, you need to find a route between news channels only.

If you need only the most recent stuff in any category, iFun TV is the best place. The iFun TV team works on keeping the content updated, and you always find the current updates there.

Screen Recorder:

The coolest part of iFun TV entertainment is the iFun Screen Recorder. This feature lets you record the movement on the screen. You can also limit the recording to a part of the screen you wish. iFun Screen Recorder has many built-in tools, and you can manage to shape the content. It is possible to input voice through the microphone and silence the voices that can get into the recording.

iFun Screen Recorder is well-suited with the other known formats of videos like FLV, GIF, AVI, and MP4. It lets you instantly share the recorded stuff on video-sharing apps like YouTube and Instagram.

Videos captured in Screen Recorder are high quality and very useful if you are working on making presentations.

Advantages of using iFun Tv:

iFun Tv is on its way to providing the best entertainment to Chinese and other users. The highlight of the significant benefits as follows:

  •     User-friendly interface
  •     Easy navigation
  •     Diversity in channels
  •     No hassle required (you don’t need to pay off like other platforms, e.g., Netflix)
  •     Quality stuff from countries around the globe is available
  •     Current news and other content are ready

Disadvantages of iFun TV:

There are some drawbacks of this like wide tech-generated varieties.

As iFun TV provides a vast diversity of channels (even more than 1000 channels for films), the user remains engaged in navigation which is a depletion of time and resources.

Before the colourful range of channels, people stuck to navigation, forgot what they wanted, and couldn’t understand what suited their taste. All this results in a short attention span. Nowadays, people are facing the problem of a lack of attention span due to excessive use of electronic and social media.


iFun TV is a great source of entertainment for people living in China and those who have a craze to watch Chinese movies and study the Chinese culture deeply. It provides you a top-rated entertainment free of cost. However there are some restrictions of free offers. If you purchase the subscription, you enjoy without these restrictions. In this case, you can watch movies without advertisements or any other interruptions.

You have to give a monthly payment for the subscription, but you can cancel the subscription at any time when you don’t want to continue.

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