What is Duonao TV, and how to access it?

Duonao TV is among the most popular television channels in China. It entertains the Chinese audience in many attractive ways. Moreover, It presents talk shows, news, documentaries about culture, current affairs of the online countries, and many more from infotainment. 

Further, it also presents programs that promote learning the Chinese language. 

Where to watch?

Watching Duonao TV is like diving into the vast sea of Chinese culture and enjoying the beauty of life inside it. Many live streaming channels let you enjoy the programs of Duonao TV. In China, watching Duonao TV is an effortless task, but if you are outside your country, you must follow a procedure. 

Many sites and channels are not accessible outside the country, so you need a VPN to access Duonao TV. The better way is to connect with a reliable VPN in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, servers are available anywhere that provides Chinese TV channels. 

Exclusive Features of Donao TV:

Duonao TV provides many features of the viewer’s choice. Some of them are the most entertaining and satisfying for them. 

  • You can watch it in any country with access through a VPN. You can use it in almost all countries of the world.
  • You can watch it in the Chinese language as well as in the English language. It also presents programs with English subtitles that keep the viewers engaged in programs and feel pretty convenient with them. 
  • The stuff it presents is updated regularly, and the Duonao TV support team is working on innovating the entertainment. 
  • Duonao Tv takes total responsibility for the privacy and security of users. It doesn’t show the user’s data to others. 
  • The informative content on the channel is unique. It shows the dedicated work and efforts of the team that selects exclusive topics. 
  • It offers a user-friendly interface. Whatever you are looking for is relatively easy to find.
  • As for the available movies on the channel, there is a wide variety for the user’s selection. 
  • The channel presents a diversity of topics in informative programs. People fond of learning through electronic media can find it a delightful place. The presence of subtitles enhances the value of programs. 

Reviews by Duonao:

Besides many others, there is a strong reason for the growing popularity of Duonao TV. It presents film reviews written by usual writers who are not film critics. Their studies highlight their likes, dislikes, and analysis. 

The channel doesn’t impose any censorship on the reviews of these people. The reviewers can also share and express their thoughts on the internet. The track doesn’t ask them to reveal their identities. 

Reviews of this type don’t satisfy the formal studies of films. Unlike the traditional critics of movies, critics belonging to Duonao TV are free to express their opinion and talk freely without restrictions.

This policy of the channel has created several issues for people. The users of Duonao TV are primarily young and middle-aged. They are often asked questions in the questionnaire, and their response is not a good approximation of people’s mindset. They don’t seem to have a good approach regarding piracy in movies and copyright acts.

The criticism presented here lacks professionalism, but a vast public accesses it. But this has increased the viewers’ interest and the channel’s popularity. 

The iFun TV:

Duonao TV is a popular Chinese electronic media platform. It aims to access the Chinese in foreign countries, and now it has rebranded itself as iFun TV. This change happened in 2013 for the users of websites living outside China. But a vast number of people in China also visit iFun TV. 

The iFun TV has many more for the audience. The most astonishing aspect is that it can help you to access and watch Chinese TV programs without a VPN in your country. 

iFun TV is accessible everywhere, but you need to purchase its subscription. 

The iTalk BB:

The iTalk BB is a Chinese channel on Duonao TV like others. and serves as a part of entertainment service. It presents the most famous Chinese movies in HD. It is equipped with the latest technologies and presents top-quality pictures using the most advanced image processing techniques. 

ITalk BB provides you with the best talk shows that suit your taste and other programs through the platform of iTalk BB. 

Users of Duonao TV:

The popularity of channels entirely depends on the taste of their users. Specific platforms target certain groups of people, and so does Duonao TV. The surveys show that most channel users are between 11 and 28. People of this age find the channel a good entertainment, and it often records their responses by presenting questionnaires. 


Dunao.com, the website of Duonao TV, is also a contributor to the channel’s growing popularity. The website does not contain the channel’s content, but people are free to post their film reviews on it. Most studies on the website are not ordinary and give you high-quality stuff. 

The visitors of duonao.com are young students of China. Due to this significant number of Chinese viewers, websites supporting pirated movies enable their owners to earn vast amounts of money. 

Downloading the movies:

Duonao is a good platform for downloading movies. But it sometimes seems to violate the conduct of intellectual property. It is working on getting the legal rights to continue its services in many countries. 

Bottom Line:

Duonao TV is a good place of entertainment for Chinese around the globe. It is also an excellent informative channel for people from other regions. It gives access to movies to many people. If it resolves the legal issues and sets criteria for criticism, it is the most appropriate place for quality entertainment. 

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