Top 10 websites which work as a substitute for Imginn to download Instagram videos and reels

On Instagram, you may discover people from many nations and cultures, including celebrities, influencers, ordinary users, and corporations. Anybody can join and share material with the world for personal use or advertise their goods and services, regardless of who they are.

 These features are why Instagram is favoured by designers, advertisers, photographers, content producers, and other users. New information being released daily to millions of people has made our lives more stimulating.

However, using the program to download your video is not feasible. Although you may bookmark it on Instagram and go back to it (assuming the post is still there), you cannot download it to your device to use offline.

Many websites allow you to download reels and videos from Instagram. One of those famous websites is Imginn. However, there are some limitations to using Imginn, and users are searching for alternatives for getting the reels and videos. Today we are going to discuss some of those alternative websites.


You may access Instagram using without creating an account. A Facebook profile requires. You may consequently need to make more identities for your company. If you only share just a few images per day, it could be worthwhile to sign up for it. You can post over ten daily pictures if you have a legitimate Instagram profile. Additionally, you receive 50 picture credits per month when registering for this app.


The website Saveinsta allows users to download Instagram posts. It enables downloads from Instagram without the use of an app. To view the Instagram post, you must open a browser and paste the link. I’m done now! Your Instagram video link will convert to MP4 format, and your JPG images will also download. You may quickly and easily download your favourite Instagram videos from this beneficial service. Additionally, it enables you to download Instagram’s IGTV, reels, and stories. You may download Instagram videos using any device, including a tablet, smartphone, or computer. The Instagram saving website has a very high rating.


It’s another free website to download that allows you to easily save any photo or collage (Reels, IGTV, story) from Instagram. Snapinsta. The app is a free service that helps users to download videos on Instagram. The user doesn’t even need to log in to the insta profile.


This tool lets you download and view Instagram stories privately. It could also take a turn in place of Imginn. You have the option to examine the Instagram account statistics for either you or another user, thanks to its algorithm. Additionally, it lets you view the account rate, which displays how well-liked your Instagram account is.

Additionally, you may view and keep an eye on the content posted on Instagram by you or another user in private. Using statistics, you can research Instagram profiles, hashtags, posts, followers, stories, locations, and much more. Instagram images, videos, and reports may all be downloaded in perfect anonymity for free and indefinitely. You may take pleasure in utilisingGramho and sharing stuff on social media with your pals.

5: Instagram Scraper API:

Instagram scraping is the automated collection of users’ publicly accessible data. Instagram scraping services, scraping programmes, or manually extracting the data are all possible steps in the process. Data such as email addresses, phone numbers, photos, bios, likes, and comments are in danger of getting scraped. Instagram Scraper is an API developed in response to a genuine need to extract data from Instagram in real time. Following extensive research, testing, and learning, we created this API, which uses residential and 4G IP addresses to extract data in real time.

6: Smihub:

It is a specialised analytical tool for examining any user’s Instagram account. Samihub guarantees that the account holder cannot discover that you have read his tale. Smihub, which debuted on October 10th, 2018, is a new analytical tool gradually gaining popularity. According to recent research, it receives 25 million visitors per month.

7: Picuki:  Picuki enables anonymous Instagram story viewing. It’s a kind of substitute for the Imginn. Without registering, you may create whatever Instagram account you wish. It allows anonymous access to the app so you may check followers and comments without giving away who you are. You may covertly view other people’s Instagram Stories, read their direct messages, and track the responses from their followers with this programme.

8: One of the most incredible videos, audio, photo, and story downloaders for Instagram is Instagram and Saveig are not partners. You may download videos in a variety, such as MP4, M4A, and 3GP, from various sites with the Video Downloader Script.

9: Glassgram: one of the alternatives of Imginn is Glassgram. This website has some distinct features that are not available on other websites. One of the prominent features is it allows you to get the GPS location of Instagram users. You can use this website so quickly. Navigation on it is easy to understand for users accessing it for the first time.

10: Websta for Instagram: A Windows application that enables full Instagram computer interactivity is called Websta for Instagram. Websta for Instagram allows you to make additional changes to your Instagram account even when using web browsers. Thanks to this add-on, you may use your Instagram account on your browser in the same way you would on your smartphone. You may enhance your desktop Instagram experience using Websta for Instagram. You may send direct messages in addition to uploading your pictures and movies straight from your computer. That’s accurate. You may now message the individuals you follow using this app. You may directly respond to your friends’ Instagram stories as well.

11: Storiesig: In addition to Imginn, Storiesig is a website that you may access. You may even download Instagram Stories to your device thanks to this feature. One of its hack features allows you to read Instagram stories without anyone being able to tell you to do so.

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