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Understanding PCOS is a bit difficult!!!

The rapid spread of the disease has caused a sensation in people, but there are many ways to treat the speedy attacker.

The condition of periods varies from person to person. Also, there are monthly variations in the cycle of each woman. Minor tweaks to your period, such as a shorter or prolonged period, more significant or milder bleed, or the appearance of new or distinct symptoms, are common. Aging, medicine, anxiety, and other factors can all affect the timing of periods. An egg cell is discharged during ovulation. It takes place so that sperm cells can fuse it. During menstruation, the egg is removed from the body if it’s not fertilized. The ovaries may have many tiny cysts when a female’s body doesn’t produce enough hormones for menstruation. These cysts produce “Androgen” hormones. This hormonal imbalance is known as Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS in medicine. 

How to understand PCOS?

Although these liquid sacs are harmless (follicles), these sacs prevent to discharge of the mature eggs for fertilization. Moreover, It can affect the fertility capability in females. Patients with PCOS are diagnosed by talking to their doctors about their menstrual cycles and symptoms, being physically examined for physical signs, having a blood test to measure hormone levels, and having an ultrasound scan of their reproductive parts. 

This graph displays information from about 30,000 people who took part in the Medical History and Reproductive History surveys at Harvard School of public health in December 2021 and provided answers to questions about their menstrual cycle over time. 

This graph shows that participants suffering from PCOS have lower regularity in the periods compared to those who aren’t dealing with PCOS. These days, PCOS is pretty widespread and impacts numerous women. Although these symptoms are treatable, other women may not even experience them, making things more complicated. When an individual is overweight, their PCOS symptoms may worsen. These are some indicators of PCOS:

Diagnosis of PCOS:

Your doctor will inquire about your medical history and current symptoms. You’ll also get a physical examination. A pelvic exam is likely a part of this. This examination clarifies the condition of your reproductive organs from every aspect. Some of the symptoms of PCOS are similar to those of other medical conditions. For a complete diagnosis, you should immediately undergo the following tests:

Ultrasound: In this exam, blood arteries, tissues, and organs are visualized using sound waves and a computer. This test examines the size of the ovaries and checks for cysts if they are present. The test can also measure the thickness of the uterine lining (endometrium).

Blood tests: These scan for androgen and other hormone concentrations that are elevated. It would be best to visit a medical professional to check your glucose. Furthermore, it is necessary to examine your triglyceride and cholesterol levels through the proper test.

PCOS pregnancy causes difficulties

A few lifestyle modifications will help many women become pregnant, but some may struggle more than others. Due to the elevated amounts of male hormones that prevent the development and release of eggs, PCOS generally reduces the likelihood of pregnancy. Pregnant women who have PCOS also run the risk of miscarriage, early birth, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes. In addition to Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and other illnesses, women with high blood pressure also risk developing them. All of these, put together, may be harmful to you or your child. Women with PCOS may also require a C-section for delivery.

Insulin sensitivity

Insulin resistance affects about 85% of all PCOS-afflicted females. If you have insulin sensitivity, the cells in your body stop responding to insulin as they should and instead inhibit glucose absorption. This indicates that your body isn’t using the available insulin to maintain stable blood sugar levels. In response to insulin’s inefficiency, the body manufactures more insulin. The ovaries produce more androgens, like testosterone, when insulin levels are higher.


The shift in fitness and diet:

You can lose weight and lessen your symptoms by eating well and engaging in excellent physical activity. They may aid in ovulation, decrease blood sugar levels, and improve insulin sensitivity in your body.

Endocrine drugs:

The ovaries can generally release eggs with medications. These drugs come with certain risks as well. They may raise the possibility of multiple births (twins or more). They can also stimulate the ovaries excessively. At this point, the ovaries overproduce hormones. It may result in symptoms including pelvic pain and bloating in the abdomen.

Family background

According to research, PCOS can emerge in women with a family history of this disease. When they visit doctors, they should ask about their family background first, and the investigation is necessary for appropriate treatment at the proper time.

Since PCOS has not yet been linked to a single gene, the connection is probably complicated and involves several genes. An immediate female relative with PCOS, such as a mother, aunt, sister, or daughter, is 50% more likely to have it in PCOS-positive women. Additionally prevalent in PCOS families is type 2 diabetes.


More women than ever today have PCOS, which has increased awareness of the condition. While this topic was generally far less discussed in previous generations, it is now a popular expression with which most women are familiar. This knowledge and information have also prompted more studies on the subject. This has made it possible for women with PCOS to have relatively everyday lives where they can conceive, give birth, and control their PCOS symptoms.

The health of women is a neglected aspect in many countries. Still, the educated class always favors improving women’s health, particularly public health. As women face the most difficult situations requiring an actual health condition, we should focus on it.

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