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Some Astonishing Facts About Mediatakeout



Mediatakeout is a popular blog-style gossip website that entered cyberspace in January 2006. It supports gossip about celebrities and entertainment. This website bears heavy traffic and has thousands of visitors per day because it provides a lot of stuff on the latest celebrity news, the life of celebrities, and entertainment.  

Founder of Mediatakeout:

The founder of Mediatakeout is Fred Mwangaguhunga. He founded the website in 2006. His parents were Africans who settled in Washington, DC. The purpose of developing this website was to provide a platform where people could get the latest stuff about African-American celebrities. Mwangaguhunga was a lawyer before starting the blog. He expressed no interest in returning to his previous profession even if the blog didn’t go successfully. 

Mwangaguhunga was a graduate of Columbia University, New York. He also got further education at Columbia. He also obtained acertificate in business management and as a financial advisor for different companies on Wall Street.

The Style of Website :

The style of the website is similar to blogs. People post stories in quite an informal manner and post individually. The homepage presents the latest stories and attracts the audience through intersection lines. 

The Source of Information :

People who post stories on Mediatakeout are usually those who are close to celebrities. For example, they can be their relatives or close friends who have worked as a staff member.

The most significant source of information about celebrities is their previous staff members. They often bring exciting content and provide content to which they are eye witness. The website protects content providers’ privacy and doesn’t reveal their names. 

The Most Visited Website:

Sources claim that Mediatakeout is the most visited celebrity blog among all websites in this category. About 30 million people have visited this website. According to Alexa ranking, it is among the top 10000 websites. 

How does it engage the visitor?

Blogs always need attention-grabbing content. Mediatakeout grabs visitors’ attention by putting sensational headlines and creating suspense about the content inside. People read the headline and can’t resist the urge to read further.

Mediataout’s Presence on Facebook :

Mediatakeout possesses an account on the social website Facebook. This presence has proved a good tool for bringing more traffic to the website. Facebook has millions of users worldwide, and people follow the pages without geographical boundaries. As a result, Facebook has channeled many visitors to the official website.  

Attacks on Mediatakeout:

Mediatakeout suffered attacks from potential enemies, like the rapper Kanye West. It also faced a severe problem when its Facebook page got unpublished in 2016. This page had 5.6 million followers, which was a significant achievement. In addition, Mediatakeout created a new page and published new stories. 

Social Role of Mediatakout:

Mediatakeout included political stories in its domain by the elections of 2016. This had a significant impact on website reach and political scenarios. In addition, it included the social issue of police brutality, and the authorities strictly dismissed three police officers. 

Future Dimensions of Mediatakeout:

The management of Mediatakeout is working on the plan for future presence on radio and television. Furthermore,t hey have started a dating show they broadcast from their website as an experiment. They may subsequently begin to have more performances of this type that will have one weekly episode. 

Stories of Mediatakeout :

Mediatakeout presents exclusive stories about celebrities who get thousands of likes. It publishes content about African -American music, and in this way, this platform is promoting it in the world. By highlighting the American entertainers in its stories, it brings talent before the world’s eye.

Some Facts About Mediatakeout:

What led to the launch of Mediatakout?

The founder of the website Fred Mwangaguhunga had a web-based laundry business. Clients had log-in on the web and could make choices there. He also started writing blogs later and wisely used his blog’s income. However, he decided to leave the laundry business and ultimately involved himself in the blog world. The previous laundry business owner felt he fit entirely in the blogging world. Moreover, he carried out the idea of creating a gossip blog about celebrities, and this worked. Now the blog is an excellent source of income and fame for the founder. 

With the launch of Mediatakeout, the notion of black people from the internet has proved false. After its launch, the website got millions of views in a few days.

The Cost of Starting the Gossip Blog:

Starting the website was relatively inexpensive for the founder. It cost $7.99 to purchase the domain and $19.99 for a Yahoo account, which was necessary. He again used the revenue wisely for the growth of the blog. 

What Makes it Distinctive?

There are several other websites on the internet similar to, but they need to provide memorable stories and gossip on the news like Mediatakeout. It seems like a start-up in the world of entertainment. But, like Twitter and other start-ups, the founder did an excellent groundwork to give a good start. 

Registered Users of Mediatakeout:

Mediatakeout has more than 650,000 active and registered users. Furthermore, they participate in the discussions, drop comments and give their opinions. 

Android Application of Mediatakout:

Mediatakeout is available on the App store as a free application launched in May 2012. In addition, it was published in the Newsgroup Clients list. The latest version is 1.0. 

Downloading the Mediatakeout Application:

Downloading and installation process of Meditakeout is quite simple. First, open the app store and type the app’s name. When the a is shown, tap download. After that, tap install. Then, accept all permissions and continue. 

How Does Mediatakeout Get More Views?

Mediatakeout’s management employs techniques to get an audience. It often breaks the stories before other celebrity-related websites. The stories are usually about engagements, divorce, pregnancies, hit roles, and many others. The website’s primary focus is African-American music celebrities, their activities, likes, dislikes, and above all, any extraordinary incident happening with them. 

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