Some Amazing Facts about IKEA Exeter

IKEA is a famous brand in the UK, and millions of our homes, businesses, schools, hotels, and cafés include its furniture and accessories. But how much do you understand? Although the company’s current headquarters are in the Netherlands, did you know It initially started in Sweden? When you hear the phrase “flat-pack furniture,” it’s likely the first company that comes to mind. However, did you know It didn’t sell the first piece of flat-pack furniture until 1956? You might be surprised by several facts when you learn about IKEA Exeter. The following are some of them, so you may brag about your expertise the next time you order meatballs from an IKEA restaurant.

Ingvar Kamprad, born in 1926, received a small amount of money from his father in 1943 as a reward for performing well in school. He used this cash to launch the first IKEA business, a mail-order retailer of goods like watches, wallets, picture frames, and pencils. In 1948, IKEA began offering furniture. The first IKEA home furnishing brochure was in 1950, and the company’s first store opened its doors in 1953. At 91 years old, Kamprad passed away in 2018.

IKEA Exeter Catalogue

The venerable catalogue stopped being printed during the previous fiscal year because fewer people were reading it, and buying patterns had changed. Online retail sales rose 73% last year due to shop closings. Most businesses have reopened. However, 26% of all sales are now online. However, It once printed the IKEA Exeter catalogue in more significant quantities than the Bible. According to estimates, 203 million IKEA catalogues were printed worldwide in 2017 compared to 100 million Bibles.

IKEA wants the Exeter location to run entirely on renewable energy. The project will cover the whole roof with solar panels, collect rainwater, and install ground source heating (using heat from the ground rather than burning gas, coal, or oil). If you choose home delivery, an electric vehicle will bring your new couch, desk, or bed; if you already have an electric car, you may charge it at one of eight properties.

New Store Opening

The new store is being built on New Court Way, next to Sandy Park, the home of the Exeter Chiefs, and immediately off the A379 freeway. The quickest route from Somerset to the shop by car is to drive the M5 south to Junction 30, onto the A379 via Sandy Park, and exit just across from the big Tesco Extra store. If you only need a small item. You can quickly get to the store by rail; it’s only a 10-minute walk from the new court station.

Take a train to Exeter Central or Exeter St. Davids to catch a connection. IKEA Exeter shops only sold coffee and cold food in June 1960, but by the end of the year, their kitchens were entirely stocked and even featured a novelty microwave oven. Everything was for sale, including a la carte dishes and hot snacks like hamburgers.

Selling apartments

The goal of this IKEA Exeter product line extension was to reduce the cost of a first-time buyer’s house. In 1996, It introduced the BoKlok House in Sweden, and more than 11,000 IKEA houses have been in Scandinavia. It wants to increase the number of homes it builds in the UK. Worthing Council approves the construction of up to 162 IKEA houses. However, the project was delayed due to the pandemic and other causes and was never complete.

With Easter just around the corner, chocolate delicacies are flying off the store shelves. But IKEA offers something that will suit people who are serious DIY enthusiasts. The Swedish shop has made an easy-to-assemble chocolate Easter bunny available in flat packs under Vrkansla. The three-piece milk chocolate treat costs £3.25 and comes in three pieces, despite not being the first time the company has sold the item. It is already on the shelves at IKEA shops. It may only purchase the product in person; It. You cannot order it online.

Opening Ceremony

The construction of Exeter’s new IKEA Exeter shop, which is taking shape off New Court, was marked by a groundbreaking ceremony. It will be the 21st store in the UK, which means lengthy treks to Southampton or Bristol are no longer necessary. For around 17 years, customers have been anticipating the arrival of the Swedish furniture and furnishings business in the city. The £80 million shop will eventually open in the summer of 2018.

The business will create three hundred fifty new positions, some of which have already been. They include a manager of a client restaurant and an HR administrator who will undoubtedly be preparing the famous Swedish meatballs. IKEA Exeter will be the company’s most environmentally friendly shop to date and will strive for 100% renewable energy. It will use environmentally friendly technology, including ground source heating, solar panels on the roof, and rainwater collection. Home deliveries will be with electric cars.


You can reserve one of those final tables if you wish to take advantage of the slower nighttime shopping period. Restaurants close earlier than the business as a whole. So that you may savour your dinner, go shopping, and explore afterwards. Given that neither the restaurant nor the store will be at this hour of the day.  

It is advisable to arrive there early in the day if you plan to visit Ikea for the Swedish Food Market and Bistro selections. Many more people will want to see the market if you go when it’s open for lunch or dinner. Consequently, it will be busy. However, going late in the day increases the likelihood that you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for in the stone. Therefore, plan an early excursion if you want to buy Swedish cuisine to take home.

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