Nerdle: The Ultimate Fun with Numbers

Nerdle is an online game that is derived from the famous game wordle that involves guessing and answering questions. The peculiarity of Nerdle is the involvement of calculations in each trial. It has made mathematics fun for everyone. 

The creator of the game Richard Mann remarks “A Wordle equivalent for lovers of mathematics.”

The aim of this mathematics puzzle game is to solve a mystery of eight characters in six tries. At each attempt (guess), the color of the tiles turns and indicates true, false, or nearest guesses.

How to play the game Nerdle?

There is no practice required for a beginner. You just need to visit the official website When you land on the page, a window appears that offers complete initial guidelines to players.

Here is the detail of the rules to play the favorite game of mathematics lovers.

  1. You have to perform some start of calculation in each trial.
  2. You can use the numbers ranging from 0-9 and the symbols +, -, *, and / for mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  3. You can type just one number on the right of the equal sign (=), do not enter simplifying steps of calculations.
  4. Follow the order for performing mathematical operations as “multiplication and division first, then addition and subtraction. For instance, 4+5*8=44 and not 72.
  5. You can use commutative law unless you turn it off from settings.
  6. You can make guesses until the tile color indicates the correct answer.
  7. Finally, the green color of the tiles indicates that the guess is correct and in the correct place. The purple color indicates the correct number at the incorrect place. The black color indicates that answer is incorrect.

Keep in mind that the only way to play this mathematics puzzle game is to browse the web. It is not available on the App Store in form of an android application. 

Nerdle vs Wordle:

Besides the fact that Nerdle follows the construct of the Wordle game, it is purely a mathematical variant of the Wordle game that requires fast calculations for playing. Opposite to the Wordle that just works with words, it is really fun.

The most common question about Nerdle is whether is it easier than Wordle. Keep in mind that solving mathematical puzzles is difficult for people unless they are well-practiced. They feel Wordle easier as it involves words only.  

Both games have colorful layouts and it is a great convenience for understanding the game.

Why Nerdle?

Richard Mann surprised his followers by telling the story behind the mathematical version of the Wordle game in a LinkedIn post.

The developer says that he wanted something in a game that made fun with numbers as Wordle does with words. Moreover, playing with numbers in a game was not enough. Soon after development, The growth of players on the internet and the spread of games in many countries of the world is a fascinating experience.

 Is it free?

People, who use to play games on the internet, often search for new games.  To some extent, Nerdle is an extremely hard game for starters and people often wonder whether it is free or not. The good news is that it is absolutely free.

Can it have Negative Answers?

The mathematical fun game is super hard but on the other hand, there are no negative outputs. If you reach a negative number as a conclusion, there are chances of acceptance as a suitable guess. But there are no such results as -5-8=-13.

How to share your game results on social media?

If you are present on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, then you can share your results with your friends on these platforms.

Furthermore, if you play the game and try hard to solve the equation of the day, you will get a complete summary of your results on completing the game. Completing the game never means that you are the winner, but going through all possibilities.

  • To share results, click the “share” icon from the top.
  • Keep your eyes on the screen to see the message “Game copied to clipboard.”
  • Go to the platform where you want to share the results. Follow the steps it offers to create stories.
  • Press Ctrl+V from your keyboard to paste the content.

If you are a winner, you will possibly have many likes on your post!

For Android users, the method is almost similar.

The advantage of playing Nerdle:

It sounds worse but excessive use of the internet and gadgets has damaged many abilities of our brains.

Short videos have shortened our attention span.

Search engines have put our memory in second place, instead of wondering about anything, we put our questions in search engines.

Calculators have snatched our ability to remember and do fast calculations mentally.

According to experts, the most efficient way of enhancing memory is to solve puzzles, especially mathematical puzzles.

If you solve fast calculation problems on a platform like Nerdle, you can be a “human calculator” even after a practice of a few days. It will enter you into a state where you will no more dependent on gadgets for quick calculations.

Bottom Line:

Soon after its launch, the puzzle game captured the minds of game lovers. In many ways, it is similar to other games on the internet, but it is fun with creativity that many others are not. Clearly, the user works with numbers in mind and performs fast calculations. This is a good exercise to activate many brain cells at a time, and a great feeling comes when you share your results with your social media friends.

For those parents, who are always unhappy with the gadget-use habits of their children, it is great news. Children, who are sitting in front of personal computers and playing Nerdle, are not wasting their time.  Instead, they are doing nice creative work which is fun with numbers. It will definitely enhance their ability to do fast calculations.

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