Mellow Mushroom:Quality You Expect

 What is Mellow Mushroom?

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers is an American restaurant chain that functions as a franchise under the umbrella of Home Grown Industries of Georgia. It has 170 locations active in the United States and has its headquarters in Atlanta.


The Mellow Mushroom restaurant was opened in 1974 in Georgia, United States. The founders were two students from Georgia Tech. After six years, the first franchise was opened in 1980 by an employee of the restaurant. In addition, the sequence of opening the new franchise started, and the network gradually started growing. Several franchises opened in Atlanta.

Furthermore, the network grew more robust when the first franchise opened outside Atlanta, in Athens, Georgia. The expansion of franchises likewise covered many urban areas, including Florida, Jacksonville, Colorado, and Denver.

Presently, more than 200 locations are operating in 20 states.

Logo Design:

The Atlanta artist Buddy Finely designed the logo for Mellow Mushroom Restaurant. Furthermore, he created animated characters as the identity of an extensive restaurant network.


The restaurant’s trademark is pizza, but it also serves other quality food products to its customers. They include subs, salads, calzones, pretzel bites, and a superb variety of beers. Besides this, each location is well-decorated, and colorful mushrooms appear as a common sign of the restaurant network. Charismatic live music (karaoke, bingo, or trivia competition) is also available.  


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

CEO: Richard Brasch


Rocky Reeves, Mike Nicholson, Marc Weinstein

Food and Food Quality of Mellow Mushroom:

Mellow Mushroom claims to provide people with fresh, high-quality, delicious, and healthy food. Also, it claims on its online platforms that it uses dough that consists of high protein, unbleached wheat flour, and without white sugar. All pies, calzones, and pizzas include the same quality dough.


The sauces have fine ingredients, including vine-ripened tomatoes, herbs, and spices. Furthermore, the sauce is prepared in older ways of slow cooking to maintain its nutritional value. To our surprise, this sauce includes no preservatives and holds up all the flavors of ingredients.


The meat used in products is natural and also without preservatives. You don’t need to worry about the inclusion of steroids and hormones. In addition, the slices have fine cuts and great taste.

Vegetarian Choices at Mellow Mushroom Restaurant::

Is Mellow Mushroom Vegan Friendly?

Luckily the answer is yes. Mellow Mushroom’s products have a variety of Vegan-friendly choices. Here is a bit more detail about these choices.

Vegan Pretzels:

Vegan Pretzels are a highly delicious vegan choice. Moreover, they feel more appetized with yellow mustard.

Vegan Enlightened Spinach Salad:

It is a delicious and nutritious item that makes fresh with fresh leaves of spinach, apples, dried cherries, and homemade glassy pecans.

Vegan Greek Salad:

This salad is also rich in icebergs, carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, and onion. Bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, and banana peppers are also their ingredients.

Vegan Avocado Hoagie:

This sub comes with a French or multigrain bread roll. Also, it comes enriched with lettuce, vegan cheese, sweet onions, Roma tomatoes, and avocado slices.

Veggie Calzone:

Veggie Calzone tastes best with vegan cheese, including spinach, mushrooms, and Roma tomatoes.

Vegan cheese of Mellow Mushroom:

   Another thing about the famous restaurant is the use of Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, showing no compromise on quality and service.

Calories in Vegan Pizza:

Vegan pizza (the favorite item) is another point for many pizza lovers to ponder. The most loved pizza has 290 calories, with a distribution of 8 grams of fat, 39 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of protein, and zero fiber.

Mellow Mushroom’s kids’ menu:

Hanging out without kids for a family head is almost impossible. Moreover, you need to know their choices of food and entertainment. Although all restaurants don’t have special menus for kids, some offer a wide variety of kids’ meals.

Mellow Mushroom proudly offers healthy items on the kids’ menu. Children between 4 and 8 need an intake of about 1200 to 1400 calories a day, although this requirement can vary in different situations. Here come the mouth-watering names of the kid’s favorite items.

Kids Cheese Bread Pizza:

The taste buds of kids can’t remain deprived of cheese. Kid’s cheese pizza has a calorie count of 350 cal. Moreover, the suitable side options with this pizza are celery, carrots, and apple (15+ 80 cal).

Kids Meatball:

Kids’ meatballs contain 180 calories which is a healthy and tasty food. Above all, kids enjoy it a lot with celery and carrots, which is a healthy choice.

Kids Mac N Cheese:

Anyone can’t resist this delicious item. If you are dining in the Mellow Mushroom, you need not worry; Mac N Cheese will satisfy your child’s appetite.

The Inside Atmosphere at Mellow Mushroom:

The restaurant chain has many things to mesmerize the visitors, the beautiful locations, the elevations, the spellbinding interiors, and the quality services.

The inner atmosphere at all locations is satisfying beyond imagination. Furthermore, there is an attractive design on doors, walls, and ceilings, and the harmony of colors makes the meals more fantastic. Meanwhile, the locations where outdoor seating is arranged, evenings and nights mixed up with shades of sky and emotions.

Pies at Mellow Mushroom:

Once you taste the pie, you will want to stick with the taste. There are nine different pie flavors available in the restaurant, and you can pick any of them to enjoy the great taste. If you are not satisfied with any of them, you can take the ingredients of your choice and make the tasty pie.

Choose any protein, cheese, or vegetables to make a pie and finish with pesto and BBQ sauce.

Why did Mellow Mushroom Close in Florida?

The people of Florida were shocked when their heart-favorite Mellow Mushroom restaurant closed in Florida. The management announced their permanent closure through a Facebook post.

On business reads, they mentioned the reason for closure as an “industry-wide staffing issue.” Also, they expressed their sorrow for not serving the people more at their doorstep. Furthermore, the management thanked the people of Delray Beach for cooperation during a 14-year successful business.

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