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Jazzy Distefano Biography; Mother of Delilah Distefano

Delilah Distefano

Early Life:

Jazzy Delilah Distefano is recognized as a wife of an American comedian Chris Distefano, she has her own identity as a Zumba Instructor. In an interview, she said Zumba techniques were the way to get solace from the depression. Jazzy was born on 17, April, 1984. Her real name is Jasmine Canuelas. She was born in America. Jazzy complted her basic education from a private school in her hometown. She didn’t reveal much about her courses about education. However, it seems she is graduated. Her parents are Edward Distefano and liz Canuelas. The occupation of her parents is not clearly known. In siblings, she has a sister named Jessica Canuelas. She took her dancing ballet dancing g lessons from her mother at a very early age. She was always having the interest in aerobics since she was young.  

Jazzy in 2022

Currently jazzy has a family of three beautiful children Tristan, Delilah, and Violette. She got married in 2015 with Chris Distefano ( an American comedian). Delilah distefano is the first daughter of chris and jazzy. She is working as a Zumba fitness instructor. She helped women in maintaining their health. For this purpose she has developed the jazz method program which is a combination of weight loss exercise techniques and music. She is well known as a fitness coach.

Chris Distefano jazzy’s husband

Chris Distefano is an Ameican comedian born on 26, Aug, 1984 in New York. He graduated from New York Institute of Technology in 2006 and received his PhD in physical therapy there in 2010. Until 2013, when he started to pursue a full-time career in comedy, he continued to practice the same. From 2010 until 2014, he was romantically involved with the comedian Carly Aquilino. In 2015, he wed Jazzy.

Occupation of Jazzy Distefano

She is a certified Zumba Instructor. She works as an advisor for fitness and life style especially for the pregnant women. Then she formed her own studio for fitness training. She has developed the jazz method program which is a combination of weight loss exercise techniques and music. She said “Her goal is to make workout fun”.  You can get a full-body exercise with JazzySpin. Spin classes increase cardiovascular health and leg muscular strength. The workouts include upper body and overall strength exercises that promote core stability and tone. You may prepare for the race and receive coaching from JazzySpin’s Running Program all the way to the end. They believe that you can do anything, and that by working together, you can realise your aspirations.

She has starred on Pawn Stars, is a Zumba teacher. Jazzy is also certified in group spin and fitness in addition to all of the above. In 2011, she founded YJazz – Yolanda’s Jazzercise Studio LLC, a spin studio of her own. The studio provides conventional fitness programmes and services including boot camp, circuit training, spinning, as well as additional activities like tai chi chuan (China) exercises.

Jazzy Distefano began her career in entertainment as a member of a hip-hop aerobics group alongside her sister. She later went on to become a Zumba instructor. Many regional tournaments, including one for McDonald’s, were won by the sisters. This gorgeous actress-turned-fitness teacher is trained in group spin and fitness in addition to teaching Zumba. A course titled How to Workout Like an Actress has also been presented by her.

Jazzy’s family

As discussed earlier, jazzy and chris have three children. Delilah is their first daughter. Despite the fact that her parents are well-known figures, they have kept all of Delilah’s personal information a secret. Consequently, we are now lacking in information. Although Delilah’s personal information hasn’t been made public, the world is aware of her parents’ wealth. Jazzy’s net worth is believed to be one million dollars; bringing Chris’ estimated net worth to about four million dollars.

A few facts about Jazzy Distefano

Miscellaneous about jazzy’s appearance

Height5 feet & inches
Weight57 kg
Hair colorDark brown
Face shapeOval
Eye colourDark brown
Shoes size5(UK)


There you have things you probably didn’t know about Jazzy Delilah Distefano. She has established a solid reputation for herself as Chris’ wife and a licenced fitness professional. I sincerely hope you liked studying such statistics as much as I did putting them together! Check out Chris’ YouTube account, Chris and Jam, where he routinely publishes videos of his wife. 

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