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I’m Feeling Curious

If you are an older internet user, you know that Google Company brings more and more ways of making research smarter. The new trick, “I’m feeling curious,” is a good link in this sequence.

Sometimes, you feel extremely bored, and it looks like nothing can work as your boredom therapy. You don’t want to go to a coffee shop with friends, don’t want to watch movies, have no requirement to sleep at all, and even family life seems a boring routine.

However, Google has always managed some solutions to your issues and boredom. There are many other tricks to have fun, like the gravity trick, capital cases trick, zero-gravity trick, and many more. Each has brought great fun for users, but the new fun fact is amazing.

The Introduction:

Initially, Google brought the trick “I’m feeling curious” before users in 2015. The important thing is that Google introduced the feature in a special announcement, which assures its value for users and the company.

Most importantly, it has been with us for seven years, and people enjoy it. Its popularity and the informative content it presents are the reason behind it.

It is Fun with Infotainment:

The fun feature has proved informative to a great extent. You will find extremely knowledgeable, interesting, and entertaining content if you are lucky enough to know about the trick.

Whenever you enter the phrase “I’m feeling curious,” Google answers those questions that people wonder over but don’t get replies to. For example, it will show, in turn, “What are the best foods to survive in extremely cold regions?” or sometimes, “The best food for elephants” or, to your surprise, “The easiest way to keep mice away from your home.”

You get many interesting options and answers to questions you probably wondered about in your free time. This Google feature is a good infotainment source for people who wonder about things that don’t solve easily. What if a physics lover wondered, “Why does light speed slow down in a denser medium?” Luckily, Google fun fact replied to it!!!

How does “I’m Feeling Curious” engage you?

When the feature came, it worked interestingly quickly. When you entered the expression in the Google search box, it randomly presented an attention-grabbing question before you. If you find it satisfying, you can continue exploring more content by pressing “Ask another Question.” By pressing this, another interesting question appeared.

The Fun Fact:

With the release of the smart feature, some other interesting tricks appeared. However, the beginner always retained its value. The “Fun Fact” trick is similar to “I’m feeling curious.” To our surprise, it brings extremely funny results. For example, “how many people can touch their nose with their tongue?” Sometimes, it will make you laugh by showing the result “How to make a child laugh for a television ad?”

Tricks Similar to “I’m feeling curious”:

As mentioned above, Google always brings interesting new options for users. After the launch of “I’m feeling curios,” many other tricks emerged. Some of them are,

  1. I’m feeling steller
  2. I’m feeling fantastic
  3. I’m feeling trendy
  4. I’m feeling puzzled
  5. I’m feeling playful
  6. I’m feeling generous
  7. I’m feeling Doodley

All these queries have answers according to the latest trends. Trendy introduces the user to the latest trends on Google. Similarly, “I’m feeling generous” takes you to the platforms which are well known for charity.

Some Common Results of “I’m feeling curious.”

The fun trick takes you into a world of limitless mind-blowing facts. Here is the information on some common questions.

Which Animal has the biggest brain in the world?

This is a surprising question. The average human brain weighs up to 3 pounds, and the figure is the same for the dolphin. But to our surprise, there exist animals that have heavier brains. The article provides some examples accordingly. One is the sperm whale brain, which weighs about 17 pounds.  

Who was the first president of all fifty states?

Google brings this interesting question for the reader’s engagement.

The answer to this question is Dwight D Eisenhower, who ruled all the states.

What element has the largest atomic mass?

Ununoctium has the largest atomic mass. We commonly know it as element 118 or Eka-radon. In the periodic table, its location is p-block in the seventh period. Till now, it is the known element with the largest atomic mass.

Why do Mentos and diet Coke react?

This is another question that appears on “I’m feeling curious” which can make the reader stuck on the page, especially when they are fond of improving dietary habits. Mentos candy makes bubbles of carbon dioxide in the water. These bubbles still react with the carbon dioxide present in the soda. As a consequence, this reaction produces more bubbles.  

What was the age of Mozart when he started composing music?

This question can arise in the minds of many people. However, fewer people remember their common questions when using the search engine. 

Mozart was only five years old when he got complete command over musical instruments. Also, he accomplished writing five compositions. Moreover, at the age of six and the age of sixteen, he had written three operas and about twenty-five symphonies. 

How many times a day do people lie? (I’m feeling curious)

People don’t say, “I don’t tell lies,” because they know this is a statement of the biggest liars. 

It is an interesting question for everyone but a research question for Psychology lovers. A study proposed by Robert Feldman of Massachusetts University supported the argument that people are used to telling two or three lies while talking with their friends or family for ten minutes. 

Wrap Up:

 “I’m feeling curious” is Google’s top trick for those needing instant boredom therapy. Additionally, it gives a lot of useful information. Whether weary or not, it helps you get refreshed with mind-blowing questions and quality content. Once you search this query on Google, it will click your mind when you are sitting in your office, and routine work feels like a big workload. However, we cannot always see the questions that make us stuck before the screen. It is better to remember the other Google tricks and refresh our mood instantly. 

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