How to store rugs safely?

Durable Rugs Storage:

If you require us to maintain your rug on location for an extended period of time, we can do that. Some of our clients must travel abroad, while others either lack storage space or are undergoing renovations. Once more, this guards against moisture, insect infestation, and colour fading or running for as long as is required. Rugs are kept for a longer period of time in the exact same manner as previously mentioned. Rugs are most susceptible to dampness, moth infestations, mould contamination, and similar problems when they are not used frequently. Because of this, if you are not attentive, insects like moths can squeeze themselves into even the smallest spaces.

Safely Work each and every time,

Your rugs will be frequently inspected for even the smallest signs of damage. Naturally, we will make any necessary corrections right away if we do find anything. Additionally, we are equipped with the space, know-how, and resources necessary to complete a work safely each and every time, safeguarding either your investment or perhaps a treasured relic of your family’s or personal history.

Restore is a top UK rugs washing, repair and storage company:

If rugs are to last a long time, long-term storage does demand specialised knowledge. We’ve seen way too many rugs ruined because they weren’t stored properly, so you need a good, climate-controlled storage space. Problems could arise from factors you may not have considered. For instance, high humidity can encourage the growth of the fungus that causes dry rot and can destroy the foundations of rugs and glazed windows. Central heating would exacerbate this. Your rugs are too priceless, and our clients trust us to keep their priceless treasures safe at our facilities all over the UK. Restore is a top UK rugs washing, repair and storage company: As you might anticipate, our work is covered by comprehensive insurance, so anticipate total peace of mind.

Are you trying to find a safe place to keep your pricey rugs?

Never fear! Organizing your pricey rugs properly is no longer a mystery. To help you store your rugs as perfectly as possible, Rugs2Restore is here to provide you with advice.

Here are some simple steps you can take to store your rugs correctly if you need to protect them while doing construction work, home renovations, or travelling on a long vacation.

Insect and moth protection for rugs:

The majority of people struggle with their valuable rugs being eaten away by bugs and/or moths. Only at a particular time of the year do carpet moths grow. Usually, it lasts into the spring. After that, they disappear or go into hibernation for the winter, returning fully the next year. They adore wool in particular and produce a lot of eggs. More crucially, they prefer a stained wool rug. This means that if you maintain your wool rugs clean, they won’t normally try to assault it.

professional rug storage in UK:

It’s possible that after we’ve treated your rug, you won’t be able to take it back right away if you’re moving to a new place, remodelling your current place, or for any other reason. We are very aware of this and are happy to offer secure storage for post-treated carpets and mats. We have plenty of room to do this properly at our facilities and professional rug storage in UK. We provide a complete, expert rug storage service. Your rug will be rolled and wrapped in a protective layer of fabric or plastic after being professionally treated, cleaned, and dried. It will then be stored above the ground in an area that is cool, dry, and airtight. We’ll unroll it occasionally to inspect it for any signs of issues.

High Professional Way Rugs Storage:

You may trust Rugs2Restore to take care of your rugs if you need to test out professional storage. They will be looked for by us until you require them again.

Rugs2Restore provides two storage options.

1.A complimentary six-week post-treatment storage service:

Following cleaning or repair services, we offer complimentary storage for up to six weeks for your rugs. It’s ideal for giving us your rugs before a holiday so we can clean them; we’ll keep them secure until you pick them up again after the holiday.

2.storing rugs indefinitely:

If you like, the experts at Rugs2Restore can also help you keep rugs for a long time. We promise to store your priceless rugs and keep them safe from damage. Rugs2Restore will care for your rugs for as long as you desire before returning them to you.

Most DIY solutions leave your rugs smelling bad and are not suitable for use around kids or pets. Rugs2Restore, however, only employs child- and pet-friendly cleaning methods, so your rugs will never smell bad.

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