How to Play the Melodic Game Heardle?

Heardle is a variant of the trendy game Wordle that soothes our nerves with cool music when we are in the playfield with full enthusiasm.

When you land on the homepage of the website to play the game, you will see the option “Play Now”. You can hear music for two minutes and see the charming scenes by clicking on it. After this, either you have to guess the song or leave the round.

To a great extent, it is all about your ability to memorize the songs you hear. The game makes you amused by presenting songs from pop ballads and classical singers. It initially presents calm and melodic songs but also entertains the listeners with thrilling and exciting music.

Is it similar to Wordle?

If you are an addicted player of games and familiar with the pattern of Wordle, then you probably know that you can guess the crosswords of Wordle using music. Guessing music after this is a simple task after this. Like Wordle, it offers six chances to play. To some extent, it has narrowed down the game Wordle by requiring an extremely sharp memory of the songs. There are different variants of the word game Wordle, but this one has brought a good twist by introducing the music guesses.

How to Play Heardle?

There is no app to download for playing this game. You can only play it on the official website On the homepage, you will see the “Play” button for the game. It will make you listen first two seconds of popular music.

After listening, it will offer you options. You may select from guessing the artist of the song and song title or you can skip this round.

If you make an incorrect guess, you can listen to a bit more of the music in the next attempt.

Like Wordle, it will offer you six chances, the sixth guess is final, and the listening time for this attempt is 16 seconds.

Share Your Results on Social Media:

If you play the game, it will send you your results. You can post your game results on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others.

The Meanings of Colours:

The music game responds to your guesses by changing the colors of blocks. For instance, the red color of the blocks shows an incorrect guess of the song. The green color shows the correct guess and the grey squares demonstrate your skips. Furthermore, the unused option shows up with white blocks.

Share Your Results on Social Media:

Like Wordle, you can show your results on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You cannot alter the results while sharing. To share the results of the game, select the share option at the end of the game.

How to Access Heardle?

There is no app in the app store to play the music guessing game. You can only play it by landing on the website through your web browser. Luckily, it is accessible through your android web browser and also from your personal computer.

Has Spotify Brought Heardle?

There were speculations on the internet regarding the ownership of the game Heardle. In this connection, our sources have confirmed that the digital music and podcast service “Spotify” has bought the music guessing game Heardle.

After this deal, users are now able to play their favorite music games on Spotify. Many users have expressed their fears after this takeover. Even though, many people, who used to play the game and loved it, expressed their sadness as their previous scores lost after the big deal. They were the people that had good statistics for the game. These technical issues need a quick fix. In this regard, Spotify also mentioned they were working to resolve the problem and the scores of players will be available soon.

Spotify also assured that the game layout will remain the same and it will remain free for all. Also, some users expressed hopes that in the future, games will connect users to more enchanting music and good artists.

Why Spotify bought Heardle?

The users before heard the news that the New York Times has bought Wordle, the daily word puzzle game. Soon after that Spotify bought Heardle. The announcement was made through a blog post on Spotify. It claimed that Spotify loves all that is relevant to music. For those who can guess songs with very less clues, Spotify has arranged the entertainment of playing and enjoying the music trivia game. Luckily, the inclusion of games will no more leave those users alone who are subscribers of Spotify and love games too.

The vision of Spotify:

Jeremy Erlich, the global head of music at Spotify said that the company is always on its way to finding innovative and enjoyable ways to improve music and increase the access of artists to their fans. He expressed hope that the game will build more interactivity in the Spotify ecosystem, as it already has a good construct of following from its debut.

The good news for Heardle:

As Spotify has acquired Heardle, and it is a monopolist in digital music, we expect innovations in the game. As a result of this transition, there are more options for users. They can now stream the song of the day. Moreover, they can add a song to the library on Spotify. It has become easier for users to sign in to their accounts through Heardle.

Unfortunately, the music game is now available in fewer countries including Australia, New Zeeland, Canada, Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Although Spotify has plans to extend the network, it is not good news for regular players of the game.


Although the favorite game of music lovers has become inaccessible in many countries, we can hope for the best. Spotify is a big name in the digital music industry, and it can bring all quality that users can expect.

          In the start, it feels that it is very hard to make an appropriate guess, but as you become used to it, it takes you into a world of melody and beautiful scenes.

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