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House Sleeping Direction + Vastu Tips to Attract Positive Energy

Sleeping Direction

Do you know many individuals around the world are suffering just because they aren’t sleeping in the right direction?

It is shocking how much your life can improve by simply changing the sleeping direction in your house. In case you are wondering what his magical position is, you should know, it’s no magic – it is science.

What Is The Right Sleeping Direction?

The ideal direction to sleep is the South part of your house.

It’s because this direction does not cause issues like anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, or poor sleep, unlike directions like North or West.

What if you can’t sleep in the South direction? Maybe because you have a South-facing house, and the room in the South is your living room. Firstly, you should get a Vastu consultation because a South-facing house is good only in rare cases.

Secondly, you can choose the East direction to sleep if the South isn’t available. The East direction is good because it helps increase the focus, concentration and memory of those sleeping there, thanks to the nourishing rays of the rising sun.

Which Is The Worst Direction To Sleep In Your House?

The North direction is widely regarded as the wrong direction to sleep in due to its potential negative impact on health. This is because the Earth and the human body both have magnetic poles.

When these poles are brought into alignment, they can create a repelling force. This means every time the Earth’s north pole is in alignment with your north pole (the head), repulsion happens.

This force can cause many health problems, including neurological disorders and sleep issues.

In addition to these, sleeping with the head in the North direction can slow down the recovery of those suffering from long-term illnesses. It is also common for people who sleep in the North direction to experience stress, headaches, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

To ensure optimal health and well-being, it is best to avoid sleeping with the head pointing towards the North direction. Instead, aim to align your head with the South or East, as these directions help promote relaxation and facilitate a peaceful sleep.

Incorporate These Vastu-Inspired Tips For A Better Sleep Routine

Wrapping Up

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of the best sleeping direction according to Vastu and how to create a high-quality sleep environment, perhaps you are eager to discover more about how Vastu can help you.

If so, consider talking to a skilled expert who can help determine the optimal remedies for you. Vastu Shastra consultants with good experience not only focus on directions but also your personal goals and astrological charts. With the help of a Vaastu specialist, every direction of your home can reach its full potential. Thus, yielding its unique and beneficial attributes.

Why not get a Vastu check online for your home first? It will also help you find any other Vastu doshas of your space.

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