Fairfield Inn by Marriott: The Comfort Zone

The location of Fairfield Inn by Marriott is Dallas Love Field in Dallas. It is about 10 kilometers from Preston Center and 11 kilometers from Highland Park Village. This 3-star Hotel provides guests with home-like comfort and top-notch services. Moreover, it offers a spacious shared lounge and a community business center.

History of Field Inn by Marriott:

Marriott International derived the plan to develop Fairfield Inn in 1987. The first Hotel was opened in Atlanta, Georgia. Furthermore, the management made thoughtful strategies to allow visitors to rate the hotel services. They could place it as “excellent,” “average,” or poor” accordingly to as they found its services.

Besides all this, the management at Marriott emphasized selecting visitor-friendly, efficient, and cooperative staff. To fulfill their plans, they set employee wages higher than their competitors.  

After this development, the brand Fairfield expanded to other countries, and by 2013, it reached Asia. In 2019, the 1000th Fairfield property, namely Fairfield Inn and Suites Denver Tech Center, opened. Moreover, in June 2021, it started working in Europe at its location there.

The reason behind the name Fairfield:

The name Fairfield has a history. J. William Marriott purchased the Fairfield farm in Virginia from the King of England, the farm’s original owner. Marriott had good memories with the Fairfield farm. The Fairfield Inn by Marriott opened as a hotel service to keep the memories alive.


The 35 years old hotel chain provides luxurious facilities to guests. At most locations, the amenities include a swimming pool, health club, whirlpool, dry cleaning, free wifi, vending machines, a television in the room, etc. Moreover, there are also meeting rooms and business centers. It offers quality breakfast, and guests enjoy a mini-refrigerator and microwave oven in their room.

Free Breakfast:

Like many other hotels, Fairfield also offers a complimentary breakfast. Marriott offers breakfast for customers in a high position in the Marriott Bonvoy program. Furthermore, it offers a “Stay for Breakfast package” if serving an additional fee package.


Everything at Fairfield Inn by Marriott offers a calm and thoughtful environment. The guestrooms are highly comfortable for people who want a break from the tiresome routine. The customer feels a positively joyful and soothing experience in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. In addition, all segments, including the sleeping area, living area, and working section, are at the peak of comfort with luxury.

The Bonvoy Program:

The Fairfield Inn by Marriott is a proud part of the Marriott Bonvoy Program. It is a global travel program by Marriott International that offers its participants an exceptional portfolio. It subsequently brings a global brand portfolio that constitutes an exclusive customer experience. Above all, it includes free nights and gives the hotel luxury recognition.

The official website (MarriottBonvoy.com) holds all the information regarding the Marriott Bonvoy program. Anyone can enroll there for free to get helpful information. Also, for reservations, you can freely visit Fairfiel.Marriott.com.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic city in Malaysia. It is famous for its hotels, restaurants, and the facilities it offers to tourists. If you visit Kuala Lumpur, you can select the Fairfield Inn to enjoy your tour.

It offers all facilities at a very affordable package. The rooms feature comfortable bedding, ergonomic chairs, and quality services. It is in a very suitable location for visitors. The monorail station is only a 5- minute walk from it, and the twin towers are only 3 kilometers distance. Moreover, the famous Petronas Gardens are only 6 kilometers away.

This sleek Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Kuala Lumpur is no different from other locations worldwide. Accordingly, the amenities include complimentary breakfast, air-conditioners, free wifi, a snack shop, a prayer room, and so on.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott on Social Media:

Social media has significantly connected people.

The Fairfield Inn has official pages on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the list goes on. You can connect to the Hotel chain and get any information. Also, you can stay updated with the services and innovations it introduces. Furthermore, you can send your messages using the message box if you have a query.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott in New York:

To feel home-like comfort when you are away from home, you can check into Fairfield, which is the most appropriate place among all the Chelsea hotels. It has a perfect location near Chelsea Market, the Financial District, and the Chelsea Piers. Moreover, the Empire State Building, the High Lane, and the Metropolitan Pavilion are very near to it.

If you are a visitor to New York, it is the best place to stay there. Fairfield Inn by Marriott New York precisely locates in Flower District, which easily connects to Subway, and you can freely visit the Manhattan area.

The accommodation here in the Hotel offers splendid bedroom facilities. In addition, for students and workers, a 4:00 pm check out is compulsory. Similarly, the other efficient services include complimentary breakfast, a fitness center, a business center, and many others. You can enjoy your trip by staying free from all other loads except your study or business.


The Fairfield Inn by Marriott has the vision to provide more facilities for less expenditure. It focuses on cost-saving strategies and expects visitors to enjoy limited facilities in fewer amounts. Despite these strategies, the standard stays strong. It follows different measures to cut down cast, like standardizing the building architecture and not making it a full-service restaurant like Hotel.

Number of Locations:

According to the statistics of 2021, the world’s famous Fairfield Inn by Marriott has 1169 locations.

 The online presence of the Hotel:

Fairfield Inn has an active presence on the internet. People can visit the official website to get information. Furthermore, they can make an online booking through the website.

Reviews by Visitors:

The Fairfield Inn by Marriott has received good ratings from customers. A visitor at Fairfield, New York, complimented the breakfast services and the place. Another praised the location where you can easily connect with other areas.

Prices: The rate of staying at Fairfield is $129. It excludes other taxes and charges. It is the lowest night stay charge.

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